How to Add a Video to a Project

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a video to your project.

1. Adding a Placeholder for Your Video

Begin by adding an image element. Here you will add an image that the reader will click on to launch the video. To add the element go to 'Elements' in the left sidebar. Open the 'Media' drop list by clicking on it. Inside the options you will see the 'Image' element. Drag and drop it into the project.

2. Add Your Image

There are a number of different ways to add an image. Click on the 'M' in the tool bar of the image element or select the Media Manager from the left sidebar. Inside of the Media Manager you can search for images, add them via url or upload your own. With a video it is recommended that you take a screenshot of the video from YouTube. This way the reader will know that there is a video linked to the image. Alternatively, you can add a button image with the words 'Watch' or 'Play Video'. Be creative! The goal here is to make it clear to the reader that they can click something to watch a video. In this tutorial I have added a screenshot of a YouTube video to 'My Images' gallery by uploading an image from my local hard drive.

3. Position the Image

Using the left, center, right justify options on the toolbar select the placement of the image. In most cases center placement is recommended.

4. Activate the Link Container

To activate the link container you first need to activate the image container. This is done by clicking on the image. This will open the image container toolbar. From the options select the link option. Once you click on it the link container will become active. You will know that the correct container is active when you see the word 'Link' in the upper left corner of the toolbar. Next, click on the pencil icon.

5. Adding the Video URL

When you click on the pencil icon an options panel appears below the image. Make sure that the 'Webpage url' option is active. This is done by making sure the radio button next to the input field has a small black circle. Next you will need to get the url from YouTube to add to the input field.

6. Getting the YouTube URL

Go to YouTube and find the video that you want to add. Click on 'Share' and then 'Embed'. This will bring up a field with the embed code. IMPORTANT: Do NOT copy the entire iframe code. Here you want to only copy the source url, which is the url in between the quotes highlighted below.

7. Pasting the YouTube URL

Now paste the YouTube url in the 'Webpage url' field.

8. Creating the PDF

Next, save your work. Then generate a PDF. Inside of the PDF when you hover over the active link field you will see a transparent yellow box. Click on the box.

9. Playing the Video

When you click on the active link field it will open the video in full screen. Click on the play button to watch the video. Click HERE to see a copy of the PDF with video.

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