Extending and integrating your dexi account

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Addons provides 2 things to the dexi platform: extensions to functionality and integrations to 3rd party applications

You enable addons on your account through the Addons store .


Extensions adds new action types to the Extractor or Pipes or can even add new asset types to your projects. 


Adding integrations to your account allows you to send data to other applications for further processing - or to collect data from other applications and use them on dexi. 

Google Integrations

There is currently a limit of 50 integrations for one Google (gmail) account.

The sum of the following Google integrations must not exceed 50:

* Google Drive

* Google Cloud Storage

* Google Cloud Vision

The sum of the following Google integrations must also not exceed 50:

* Google Sheets

* Google Drive (deprecated version)

It is possible to add more Google integrations but if you do so, the integrations added earliest will stop working without warning (the refresh token gets revoked).

Please see Refresh token expiration Google's documentation on this.

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