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How can I use multiple input values?
How can I use multiple input values?
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How can I use multiple input values?

The ability to specify multiple input values allows you to define multiple URLs for a robot to visit, multiple search terms to enter into a search engine, and a number of username/password combinations for Web site log-ins. makes it easy to use multiple input values by uploading a CSV file to a run configuration. A CSV file is simply a plain-text list of values separated by commas. To import input values from a CSV file:

  1. From the Projects page, select the run you wish to add inputs for, then click the Open button in the slide-in panel.

  2. Click the Inputs tab.

  3. Click the Download CSV Template to see the format the robot expects the data columns to be in. Note that column headers must match the CSV template exactly in order for things to work properly.

  4. When you have the input CSV file ready, click the Import CSV File button, then select the file using the file browser that appears.

Input values are transferred from the uploaded CSV file to the input fields configured during the robot build.

For more information about input, see What should I know about inputs and outputs?

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