Follow these simple steps to get your first free gift offer live and shown to your customers. 

The text below includes all details and fields description, but you can also watch a super quick 1-minute video tutorial showing the upsell set up and in action.

️➡️ Step 1 – Select your free gift

Once the app is installed the first page you will see is the free gift offer selection with the title Fill Up Your Gift Box.

Below are listed all available free gift offers from which you can select:

  • Free Shipping – One of the most effective motivators to make customers spend more is a free shipping available from $X. ⚠️ Please note you also need to set up a free shipping by going to Settings » Shipping » Add shipping zone » Price based rates » Add rate and enter the Minimum order price and tick the box Free shipping rate.
  • Free Product – To give away a free product which exists in your product catalog when customers spend more than $X.
  • Free Gift Packaging (extra service) – To provide a free gift packaging service to your customers who spend more than $X.
  • Free Extended Warranty (extra service) – To provide a free extended warranty service to your customers who spend more than $X.
  • Free Custom Gift (extra service) – To provide a free custom service to your customers who spend more than $X.

Once you decide which one is the right for your store, just click on the Select and Customize button to set it up.

If you don't see these options, simply click on the New Gift button which is located at the top-right corner of the app. Just make sure you are on the Dashboard page.

️➡️ Step 2 – Set the free gift details

At the top of the gift settings you can enter a Gift Name which is used for your internal reference only. You can also leave as is and use the predefined one.

Next you need to select a product from your store which will be given away as a free gift. You can choose any product including the one with multiple variants. The product needs to be on stock, otherwise the gift won't appear.

And last you need to enter the amount (cart total) from which this gift will be automatically added to customer's cart. It's called Threshold (Free From) and you need to enter any value higher than 1.

Alternatively, you can also customize (or localize) the Gift Box texts by ticking the Customize Texts option.

️➡️ Step 3 – Save and activate the free gift

Now just click on the Save and Activate button at the right-bottom part of the page. And that's it, your free gift offer is now live. Congratulations!

➡️ Step 4 – Test the upsell offer on the live site

As the last step we recommend to go on your site and check the Gift Box pop-up yourself. Simply go to any store page and wait a couple of seconds until the small gift icon is loaded.

Based on the number of free gifts, your Gift Box should look like this:

➡️ Additional Actions

  • To get more free gifts into your Gift Box simply create a new one. There is no limit as the pop-up si fully responsive.
  • Go to app Settings in the top menu and customize (or localize) the pop-up texts, color or adjust the displaying behaviour.

Happy selling,

Your Digismoothie Team

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