Can I display product names as links?

Display product names as links so your customers will be able to read all information about the free product.

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You can definitely display the product names of the gifts that you will be giving to your customers as links. It means that the Gift Box app will bring the images, the title of the product (the gifts), and the customers can click on the link to go directly to the product page. This can help to motivate them to achieve what's needed to gain the gift since they will be able to read the whole product description and any additional information from their pages.

To do so, you just need to enable the “Display product names as links” checkbox that will be displayed once you are creating the new gift:

  1. Click on the New Gift button:

2. Choose the type of gift you want to use and click on Select.

3. Fill up the general information and don’t forget to enable the “Display product names as links”

4. Once everything is done, click on Save or Save and Activate button (Depending on what you need).

And that’s it, you can go now to your store and see on the Gift Box app that the products that you are giving as gifts, have their titles displayed as links pointing to their respective product pages.

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