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How to customize the Gift Box pop-up texts and/or colors?
How to customize the Gift Box pop-up texts and/or colors?

Learn how to make changes to the Gift Box pop-up appearance.

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You can choose which color you want the Gift Box icon to have on your store. This way you will make the app match your store style and look similar to your icons and buttons.

To do so, you just need to open the application and once you are there, you click on the Settings button located at the top of the application:

You will first see the color palette you can use to make the changes. From there you can even use the bar and the square to select the color, or you can type the Hex color code and it will also display the one you are choosing:

Once you have selected the color, don’t forget to click on Save button on the top right corner, and you can now go to your store to see the changes applied to the gift box app icon.

Final result:

You can note the color you select will be also applied to the top border of the Gift Box application pop-up.

To adjust the texts in the pop-up per your needs, you can simply modify it on the same page right below the color settings.

The other texts can be modified in each of the gift settings by clicking on the Customize Texts option.

PS: We can also help you with a customized pop-up design to match your storefront and provide a seamless customer experience. Just leave us a message through the chat located at the bottom right corner or at explaining your specific requirements (if any) and we'll work on it, for free.

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