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How to customize the Gift Box pop-up texts and/or colors?
How to customize the Gift Box pop-up texts and/or colors?

Learn how to make changes to the Gift Box pop-up appearance.

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You have the option to customize the texts and choose the color of the Gift Box icon displayed on your store so you can match with your own branding.

To change the color of your Gift Box icon, you just need to open the app’s Settings and navigate to the Colors section under Gift Box Launcher

From there, you can simply choose your color either by selecting from the pop-up below or add your preferred Hex color code:

Don’t forget to click on Save button on the top right corner to apply the changes:

To customize the texts displayed in the pop-up, scroll down to the Custom Wording section.

Choose which section you would like to change, and enter your preferred text/wordings in the text box. Then click Save to apply the changes.

PS: We can also help you with a customized pop-up design to match your storefront and provide a seamless customer experience. Just leave us a message through the chat located at the bottom right corner or at explaining your specific requirements (if any) and we'll work on it, for free.

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