This section will help you to see Gift Box performance, how much it has contributed to increasing your store sales, and how your gift products performance is related to the sales on your store.

You can view the performance summary from the application Dashboard. It will display three main indicators: Views, Items, and Sales.

Views: it indicates the number of times that Gift Box has been viewed on your store by your customers.

Items: It shows the number of items or products in real orders on your store that include at least one free gift. This will help you to know how many products you have given as gifts to your customers.

Sales: The total amount of sales including transactions with at least one free gift. It can help you to identify how much money you are receiving from orders that have free gifts.

You can choose the range of dates from where you want to see the information. You can choose between Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 day or All time. These filters can help you to measure the app performance and analyze your store results.

NOTE: All the data is tracked only for orders which contain at least one of the free gifts.

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