If you want to make the pop-up window look like your theme and make some additional changes to the wording, these can definitively be done through our app.

You just need to go to the application dashboard and from there select the Settings tab:

Changing the colors

Once there, you can change the color of the main button (Continue to Cart) and the Add buttons. To do so, just choose the color through the tool (you can type the hexadecimal or just pick one directly from the selector):

Translations and using custom wording

Candy Rack pop-up is translated to English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Slovak, Spanish and French language. A default language depends on settings of your store. If you're missing any translation, just leave a message in the chat!

If you scroll down on the Settings page, you will find the section where you can modify the wording of each one of the popup elements. From there you can change the title that appears on the top of the pop-up window, the Add to Cart button and its message once the product is added, the Upgrade button and its message once the product has been upgraded, the continue to cart button, and the Discount info displayed on the cart page (when a discount is applied).

Change the button actions

Finally, If you scroll down again, you will find the section where you can control the Continue button and the Close button actions. Just pick the action you want them to implement:

If you still want to make some additional changes, you can visit our How to adjust the style of your pop-up article for you to see how to apply some additional CSS changes or if you need any additional help just drop us an email at support@digismoothie.com and we will be happy to help.

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