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How to use the Nada app?
How to use the Nada app?

Learn how to use the Nada app

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You can choose to move the sold-out products to the end of collections, to hide them entirely or combine both methods. The app can, for example, move the product to the end when sold out, and when being sold out for more than ten days, hide it completely.

Sorting collections

After the installation, you will see a list of all your store collections. To order a collection, switch the Auto-Sort toggle button to green state, and in a couple of seconds (or minutes, if your collection has hundreds of products), the collection will be sorted.

If you want to sort more collections simultaneously, please use the bulk action.

You can also choose the preferred type of sorting.

You need to enable the sorting just once and then whenever in the future a product is sold out, it will be automatically moved to the end of the collection in the future.

Hiding products

When you navigate to the "Hide products" page, you can enable the hiding of sold-out products. When you enable it for the first time, it will hide all your currently sold-out products. If you turn it off again, the app will unhide all products hidden by it.

Hiding products means the product is unpublished from the Online Store.

You can choose when to hide the product and if you want to set a redirect on the hidden product pages.

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