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How to uninstall Candy Rack and clean up my theme?
How to uninstall Candy Rack and clean up my theme?
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After you uninstall Candy Rack you can safely delete relevant scripts from your theme:

➡️ 1. Go to your store SALES CHANNELS » Online Store » Themes » Actions » Edit code

➡️ 2. Open theme.liquid in the Layout folder, remove line {% render 'digismoothie-candyrack' %} and save

➡️ 3. Scroll down to Snippets folder and delete file digismoothie-candyrack.liquid.

That's all, your theme is now free of any Candy Rack scripts/codes.

➡️ 4. If everything is working fine, you can also delete the backup file of your theme.liquid which we created before we automatically inserted the script. It's located in the Layout folder and named candyrack-backup-date-theme.liquid.

➡️ 5. Last but not least, you can also remove any discount codes created by Candy Rack (in case you have used discounted upsells). Simply go to your Discounts section and delete any codes starting with "CANDYRACK-".

If you are unsure how to do it yourself just let us know at and we will be happy to do it on your behalf (requires access to your store).

Why are we adding the script?

Until end of March 2020, we have been not been doing any theme changes or script injections. Which was great because there were no code leftovers when merchants uninstalled the app.

The disadvantage was the script was loaded asynchronously which on some stores took 5+ seconds. That's a very long time and could cause upsell pop-up not to display.

By adding the script directly to merchants' theme we are significantly improving the app performance and loading times.

The difference is clearly shown on the image below (i.e. 1 second vs. 10 seconds).

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