Are free gifts compatible with discounts?
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If you're contemplating the combination of free gifts with discounts, Gift Box provides two distinct methods for adding free gifts to orders, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. Your options include:

  • Compatibility with all discounts types

  • Compatibility with discounts coupons only

Please note that due to recent updates from Shopify, it is currently not possible to completely disable the combination of free gifts and discounts.

You can find these options in Gift Box Settings

1. Compatibility with all discount types

Free gifts are fully compatible with all kinds of discounts, such as regular discount coupons, automatic discounts, discounts generated by other name it!

How it works

Once the gift offer is activated, Gift Box creates a duplicate of the gift product, sets its price to $0, and hides it from the storefront. When an order with a gift is created, the quantity of the original gift product is respectively adjusted (decreased), so you don't need to be worried about respecting the inventory.


  • free gifts are visible in both cart and checkout

  • customers can apply discounts on top of free gifts at checkout

  • compatible with automatic discounts and any other types of discounts

  • gift can be rejected by the customer by removing it from the cart

  • works with multiple-currency checkout


  • we're still ensuring compatibility with all themes. Not compatible with yours? Contact us via or via chat in the bottom right corner and our team will be happy to assist you! :)

2. Compatibility with discount coupons only (draft orders)

Discount codes can be applied during checkout when free gifts are in the order. However, these combinations are limited. Read below about the possible limitations.

How it works

This method leverages Shopify's draft orders API that helps Gift Box add free gifts to orders. Specifically, gifts are 100% discounted items, and there's no need to create duplicates of products that are given away to customers as free gifts.


  • works with the majority of Shopify themes out of the box


  • gifts are not visible in the cart, only at checkout

  • not possible to combine free gifts with automatic discounts or discounts automatically applied by other apps. Only discount codes can be applied on top of free gifts during checkout

  • not possible to purchase subscription products with free gifts

  • some discount settings are not supported when using the “Include the discount code field on the Gift Box pop-up” setting:

    • customer eligibility

    • discount usage

  • multi-currency checkout is not supported

If you're not sure which method is the right fit for your store, don't hesitate to reach out to our support via chat or email at and our team will be happy to help you answer all your questions.

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