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How to enable discount code with free gift(s)?
How to enable discount code with free gift(s)?
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Due to the limitations of the Shopify platform, it was not possible to combine free gifts with other discounts such as discount coupons. This feature has recently been implemented with a few limitations which are explained below.

Discounts are not enabled by default so you need to perform steps explained in this guide in order to activate them.

⚠️ Please note that it isn't possible to add a discount code inside the checkout if a free gift is present. Discount code(s) must be added via the Gift Box pop-up prior to checking out.

How can you enable using the discount codes together with free gifts?

In order to enable discounts in your Gift Box app please follow these steps:

  1. Go to app Settings in the top menu when you are inside the app

  2. Scroll down to Discount Codes and click on Activate. Merchants with already installed app need to approve discount permissions first.

  3. If needed, customize the discount wording in the Custom Wording section inside the app settings.

It is important to distinguish whether the app was installed before the update or after due to permission rights:

  1. Installation after the update (from March 2020) – No manual permissions necessary, approved during install. Discounts can be enabled by activating them in Settings of the app.

  2. Installation before the update (until February 2020) – A permission to manage the data must be granted by the merchant manually as explained in the video below.

How can customers add the discount code to the pop-up?

By pressing the Have a discount code? link there will appear the area where customers will be able to insert the code and the icon indicating the loading of the code:

If customers apply a valid discount code they will get a success message and will be able to return to the main view of the pop-up:

If someone applied an invalid discount code, the following message will be displayed:

❗️Limitations related to discount usage❗️

  • A number of discounts – Only one discount code can be added per order which is the default behavior on the Shopify platform.

  • Discount typesPercentage and Fixed Amount discounts are supported.

  • Discount typesBuy X get Y discounts are supported only to extent of discounting 1 item (e.g. Buy 2 - Get 1. However, if customer buys 4, only 1 item will be discounted). ❕to be properly integrated with Gift Box soon.

  • Applies to – Discount can be applied to all choices (Entire Order, Specific Collection, Specific Product). ❕ For Fixed Amount discount only Apply discount once per order is supported.

  • Minimum Requirements (purchase amount or quantity of items) and Active Dates – Both supported.

  • Discounts in checkout – ❕Discount codes can't be entered during the checkout (there is only a "gift card" field). Codes can be entered only via the Gift Box pop-up.

  • Usage Limits, Customer Eligibility, Free Shipping Discounts, and Automatic Discounts – ❕Not supported at the moment.

How to change the discount wording on the pop-up?

To customize the wording related to discounts go to app settings and scroll down to section Custom Wording.

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