Are PayPal and other third-party payments supported?
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During the Gift Box onboarding, we communicate the app is not compatible with "PayPal Express Checkout or Amazon Pay buttons on the cart page". What exactly does it mean? Is it working with PayPal or not?

Two types of PayPal

In order to answer this question, we need to explain there are two types of PayPal (and other payment methods as well) on the Shopify platform. Often they exist together in the same store.

The first one is PayPal in the Checkout process (/checkouts). Since the customer is already in the Shopify's checkout with a free gift all available payment methods are supported. It can be both PayPal Standard or PayPal Express Checkout or any other payment.

Google Pay and PayPal Express Checkout as part of the Shopify's standard checkout process:

PayPal Standard as part of the Shopify's standard checkout process:

The second one is the PayPal Express Checkout button on the Cart page (/cart) or product pages. Since the free gifts are added only during checkout and not a cart, this one can't be supported. At the time when a customer clicks on the button, the free gift is technically not in the cart yet.

Also, in general these payment buttons don't support any discount codes.

Example of the Google Pay PayPal buttons on the Cart page:

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