The Gift Box Preview Mode is a simple way to test your gift offers on the live store without making them available to your customers. That's very useful for testing the whole gift flow and making sure everything works as expected.

How to launch Preview Mode?

In order to enter the Preview Mode, simply click on the Preview button in the top navigation, as shown in the screenshot below. The mode is only visible to you based on your browsing session.

How to leave Preview Mode?

Simply close the browser tab and open your store in the new one. You can tell whether you are or aren't in the Preview Mode by the yellow bar at the top of your store.

What gift offers are visible in the Preview Mode?

Basically all gift offers besides the ones which are inactive and expired (with past end date) are visible. That includes following:

  • Active offers both with past and future start dates

  • Inactive offers which don't have past end date

What to do if I am getting a Gift Box Preview Error?

What should I do if I am seeing an error message like:

⛔️Gift Box Preview Error: Invalid preview URL. Defaulting to active offers only.

This is most likely due to your preview token being expired or mistyped if you shared the preview URL. Close the current preview browser window or tab and start a new preview session from your admin.

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