Did your customer apply a discount coupon applicable to a specific item(s) but you are not able to find out which one was it in the order? There are two ways to do that.

If you're looking into a specific order simply click on the original price of the product that was discounted and you will get more information about the discount, specifically the total discounted value (PER ITEM) and the discount coupon name (REASON):

What to do if you want to keep a better track of the discount coupon usage?

Go to Gift Box Settings –> Discount Codes –> Generate sales report. It includes important details about all orders that Gift Box was involved in, such as:

  • order ID

  • products included in the order

  • name of the discount coupon applied to the order

  • discount amount

  • order value

  • and others

You will receive this report to your e-mail address within a few minutes. It's a really great tool to keep better track of the discount coupon usage and match the Gift Box data that may be missing in regular reports by Shopify.

Questions? You can contact us using chat in the bottom right corner or at support@digismoothie.com.

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