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Why does Candy Rack create "All Products" collection and how to hide it?
Why does Candy Rack create "All Products" collection and how to hide it?
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Have you noticed a new collection under the name "All Products" being created in your store? Candy Rack indeed might create this collection. This article should provide you with more information about it, the reasons why the app creates it, and what it serves for.

Why does Candy Rack need such a collection in place?

If an upsell offer that is supposed to be displayed for All Products is created and the discount is also applied to that Candy Rack basically needs to have all products grouped in one collection in order to apply the discount properly.

Note that Candy Rack uses Buy X Get Y type of discount and that requires the specific collection to be involved, thus the All Products collection automatically created by Candy Rack. This type of discount coupon helps us to reliably apply the coupon that customers cannot misuse.

How can I hide this collection from my store?

Shopify platform has some great guides available that offer you different ways how to hide specific collections. Whether you need to remove the collection from your collections page or hide it from the navigation bar, we suggest looking into the following:

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us via in-app chat or

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