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How can I test the post-purchase pop-up on my store?
How can I test the post-purchase pop-up on my store?

Learn how you can test the flow on your store.

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Testing the post-purchase offer requires you to create a test order and go through the standard checkout flow as any regular customer. There are basically four ways how to create a test order on your store.

1. Use offline payment method like a bank deposit

This is probably the easiest way of creating a test order. Simply add any offline payment link bank deposit (wire transfer) or cash on delivery (COD) that will let you continue to the order confirmation page.

  • To enable it go to your store admin > Settings > Payments > Manual payment methods

  • From the list select Bank deposit or Cash on delivery (COD), and confirm by clicking on Activate

  • You can also add a note to make clear this payment option is only for testing

After selecting the bank deposit payment in the checkout, you will be able to get to the order confirmation page and see the Last Upsell offer. Just like any real customer would see after paying by credit card.

2. Use a real payment gateway and cancel the order

This one is probably obvious, but you can simply checkout and pay as a real customer. And cancel and refund the order afterward.

To make it a bit more convenient you can create a 100% off discount code that you will use and deactivate after testing.

3. Use Shopify Bogus payment gateway

Shopify Bogus gateway is an easy way how to go through the payment process without actual payment. The disadvantage is that it's visible to all customers, not just you.

  • To enable it go to your store admin > Settings > Payments and deactivate your current third-party provider (if applicable).

  • Then click on Choose third-party provider > See all supported providers > (for testing) Bogus Gateway > Activate (for testing) Bogus Gateway

Now go to your store and you should see the Bogus gateway listed as a payment option. To get to the order confirmation page enter "1" as a card number, any name, any future date, and any three numbers as a security code.

On the order confirmation page (thank you page), you should see the Last Upsell pop-up as any other real customer.

4. Use a Shopify Payments test mode

If your store is eligible for Shopify Payments, you can enable test mode and go through the checkout. The disadvantage is that while the test mode is on, the real customers are not able to finish the payment at all.

  • To enable the Shopify Payments test mode go to your store admin > Settings > Payments

  • Click on Manage in the Shopify Payments box

  • Scroll to the Test mode section, check the box Enable test mode, and click Save

Now go to your checkout and enter the following credit card details to simulate a real transaction.

  • Card number – 5555555555554444

  • Name – Any two words

  • Expiration date – Any future date

  • Security code – Any three digits

After entering the data you should be able to get to the last checkout step and see the post-purchase offer. Just like any other real customer.

Happy upselling,

Your Digismoothie Team

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