How to upsell the same product

What is it for and how to enable it

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Why do you need the Same Product Upsell?

Depending on your upsell strategy you might consider using Same Product Upsell in several cases:

  • You would like to allow your customer to enjoy the product that has been just purchased in a higher volume

  • You are willing to set up your "get the second item with the discount" campaign and offer the same product with the discount to encourage an additional purchase

Enabling this kind of offer is super easy. Simply click on the New Upsell button on the Dashboard, select the Same Product Upsell feature and configure it to your needs.

Can you afford to upsell another item discounted? Then make sure to select Apply discount and make the offer more attractive to your customers.

Also, you can set up targeting options in the Displays for section if you only wish to upsell the same products when specific products or products from specific collections have been purchased.

In addition, if you're selling clothes or other variant-specific products you can enable the great feature called Match parent product's variant which will guarantee that only the purchased variant of the product will be offered again as an upsell. Otherwise, all variants of the product are being offered by default.

If you have this offer configured as needed click on the Save button and it will automatically be activated for your store.

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