If one of the products that you have chosen as a gift for your customers goes out of stock, Gift Box won’t show it in the application unless the product has the “Continue selling when out of stock” option enabled. Related article: Does Gift Box work with out-of-stock products?

However, there are different possible scenarios when the gift is being offered in a Free Product Choice offer:

  • If there are only two gift choices in the Free Product Choice and the inventory of one of them is exhausted while the offer is active, the app will automatically stop displaying that Free Product Choice offer. Other active gift offers will still display.

  • If said Free Product Choice offer is the only active offer in the store, then the whole Gift Box pop-up will not show.

  • If at least two gift products remain in the Free Product Choice offer after a gift item in that offer went out of stock, the offer will still be displayed without the out-of-stock item. The customer will still need to select a product from the given option. If none is selected, no free gift will be added to the order.

NOTE: The scenarios above will not happen if you set the item to be sold even when it goes out of stock.

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