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What is "Advanced targeting" and what are the benefits
What is "Advanced targeting" and what are the benefits

Set additional conditions to target your upsell offers with greater precision.

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If you want to make sure you target the right product, the feature of "Advanced targeting" is just for you. This article will tell you all the benefits of this feature and explain how to set it up.

The advanced targeting feature allows you to target the product for which you would like the created upsell to be displayed with greater precision. It can be necessary for those of you who want to:

  • Target product(s) or collection(s) by adding specific conditions.

  • Save time on the work involved in customizing targeted product(s) or collection(s)


How does it work?

Once you are done with your upsell offer you will have to set the "Display for" product. Generally, you can select from:

  • All products

  • Specific products

  • Specific collections

This might seem enough, but in some cases, you want to add the custom conditions to narrow down the selection above even more. If this is your case, make sure to tick the "Additional conditions" to see the advanced settings for your targeted product(s) or collection(s).

What are the conditions?

You can choose to set the conditions for the following options:

  • Product title

  • Product type

  • Product vendor

  • Product price

  • Product tag

  • Collection title

  • Weight

  • Inventory stock

  • Variant's title

For example, let's say you would like to upsell the antique drawers only for customers who are looking for antique furniture. In this scenario you can set the conditions as shown in the following table:

Product title



Collection title



Variant's title



Another great example of how you can benefit from the feature is negative targeting. You might be willing to give a specific service only to the products that you have in a large quantity in stock. In this case, you can target "All products" and set the additional condition as follows:

Inventory stock

is greater than


Also, for all the set conditions you can select the matching rule choosing between 2 options:

  • Must match all conditions - in case you would like it to match all the set conditions simultaneously

  • Must match any condition - when you would like it to match any of the set conditions

After all is set, click on "Save" and see how it works live on your store. Done ;)

If you have any questions or suggestions in regards to the "Advanced targeting" feature, feel free to speak with our support team via live chat or contact to tell your opinion.

Happy upselling,

The Candy Rack Team

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