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Hiding products
Hiding out-of-stock products
Hiding out-of-stock products
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You can enable the hiding of sold-out products in the "Hide products" section.

Once turned on, the app hides all currently sold-out products. It also starts monitoring the inventory, and when some product is being sold out, it hides it immediately or after a defined number of days. Hiding means that the product is delisted from the Online Store. Currently, we support just this channel.

If a product is hidden (delisted), the direct link to the product page returns a 404 error. To avoid that, you can set a redirect to the Homepage or any other page to maintain a good SEO score.

When a product is in stock again, the app automatically publishes the product and removes the redirect.

Please be aware that the hiding process can take a few minutes, and it's not instant.

The products hidden by the app have the tag "nada-hidden" assigned.

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