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With Candy Rack, you can offer upsells to your customers at 4 different placements:

  • Add-to-cart button click

  • Checkout button click

  • Post-purchase page

  • Thank you page

Let's talk about them in more detail:

Add-to-cart button click placement

In this case, the add-to-cart button click triggers the pop-up with the configured upsell. These buttons are usually placed on the product pages but can also be implemented on the collection pages or homepage.

Checkout button click placement

Appears as a pop-up triggered by the checkout button click.

Thank you page placement

The offers are placed in the pop-up on the Thank you page. Visually, it's identical to the Add-to-cart button click or Checkout button click pop-ups. Technically, if a customer adds an upsell to the order, the app doesn't create a new order, but leverages Shopify's Edit Order API and edits the original order with the additional item. Afterward, the customer needs to pay for the upsell item(s).

❗In some cases, the pop-up cannot be displayed to the customers because Shopify does not allow editing the existing order, which means no additional items can be added after the order is placed. Below is a list of such cases:

  1. The order has already been fulfilled

  2. The customer selected local delivery for shipping

  3. Order contains only digital products that don’t need shipping

  4. Order placed in another currency than the default one (multi-currency)

The order has already been fulfilled

Orders can no longer be edited (no further items can be added to orders) after they are fulfilled. You can check the fulfillment status of the order by going to Shopify admin > Orders and checking the status in the Fulfillment status column.

In the Shopify admin, you can set up automatic fulfillment of orders, which results in Candy Rack not being able to edit such orders post-purchase. To disable this setting, go to:

  1. Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout

  2. Scroll down to the Order processing section and select the radio button option for Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items.

  3. Click the Save button

The customer selected local delivery for shipping

Unfortunately, for some reason, Shopify doesn’t allow editing orders that have local delivery as a shipping method either.

You can learn more about this in the Shopify Help Center.

Order contains only digital products that do not need shipping

In case an order placed by your customer does not contain any physical products, additional items cannot be added to the order. Therefore, the pop-up with the upsell products will not be displayed on this occasion.

Order placed in a different currency than the default one (multi-currency)

Shopify does not permit editing orders placed in a currency other than the store's currency.

More information on this can be found in the Shopify Help Center.

Post-purchase page

This placement is displayed immediately after checkout, upsells are embedded in the specific post-purchase page. As this is a prominent offer with a large image, this placement is ideal for clothing, apparel, and other items, that are visually attractive and should be well visible.


  • Visually attractive and simple

  • Doesn't require entering payment details again - items are purchased immediately after clicking the payment button

  • Holds on fulfillment until the customer approves/rejects the offer


  • Doesn't support a custom note field feature

  • Because of Shopify limitations, this placement won't surface:

    • If the store uses multi-currency checkout

    • Order is placed with local delivery

    • Order is paid with the alternative payment method

      • The customer chooses to check out with an installment service or a wallet service (such as Klarna, Affirm, AfterPay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay).

      • The initial purchase was made with a gift card or any payment method other than a credit card.

Have any questions? Please contact us at support@digismoothie.com or use the in-app chat and our support team will assist you.

Happy upselling!

The Candy Rack team

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