Adding gifts to order post-checkout (fallback method)

Why does Gift Box edit some orders?

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Customers automatically receive their free gifts during checkout if they meet the pre-defined conditions.

However, in some rare cases where the app fails to work properly (e.g., if the customer's internet connection is very slow and he/she gets to checkout before the app gets the chance to load, the app will not be able to add free gifts to the order), we have implemented a solution to edit the order post-checkout using the Edit Order API.

If this happens, and the Edit Order API is triggered, the gift is automatically added to the order without any merchant or customer action. Only unfulfilled orders can be edited, and it is usually done within a minute after submitting the order to edit it. Shopify will then automatically send an Order Edited email informing your customer that their order has been edited, adding the free gift to the order.

Is Gift Box requesting you to update the permissions?

If you're prompted to update the permissions related to adding free gifts to orders post-checkout in the Gift Box dashboard, that's because you probably installed the app back in the past, when these permissions were not approved together with other permissions during the app installation. At the moment, these permissions are requested during the initial installation of Gift Box so the majority of the merchants don't need to do anything in order to make this fallback method active.

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