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How to customize the pop-up and translate the options?
How to customize the pop-up and translate the options?

Customize the pop-up styles to match your theme, change the wording or modify app's actions.

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Good UX and design of not only your store itself but also all elements and apps in it create a vital part of your customers' experience. Last Upsell allows you to customize its looks and messages in order to adjust the app to your needs. Let's talk about all the options available in the app.

Remove unpaid upsells

Some customers add upsells to their orders but later decide that they don't really want to purchase them and end up not paying. If you want to avoid removing these items from the orders manually, you can set up a time limit after which they will be automatically removed from the order.


Call-to-action buttons are extremely important in order to catch your customers' attention. You can select any background color, text color, and even border styles to either match your storefront styles or simply make the CTA more prominent.

Custom wording

Great copy sells. Whether you want the pop-up to communicate in the same style as you do in the storefront or just use some catchy phrases to make the upsells more attractive, you can customize any text strings within the pop-up.

You can change the title that appears on the top of the pop-up window, the text that by default states the order number (use the ORDERNAME variable), the Order Subheadline, the Add to Cart button, and its message once the product has been added, the text of the Back and Continue buttons, and the See Offers buttons displayed on the Thank You Page that enables customers to display the upsell offers again.


Last Upsell is translated to English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Slovak, Spanish, French, and Turkish language. The default language depends on the settings of your store. If you're missing any translation, just leave a message in the chat!

❗Please note that at the moment the translations are automatically displayed in the pop-up only if you're not customizing the editable texts.

Advanced customization

Last but not least, if the above customization options are not sufficient for you, you can always do more advanced adjustments with CSS and achieve even more unique looks. If you don't know much about CSS, you can learn more in our How to adjust the style of your pop-up article or simply contact us via in-app chat or e-mail at and our team will be happy to help!

Happy upselling,

Digismoothie team

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