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How to collect a VAT number (IČO/DIČ) on Shopify and send it to Fakturoid?
How to collect a VAT number (IČO/DIČ) on Shopify and send it to Fakturoid?

If you want to overwrite information about customer's VAT number from Shopify to Fakturoid you can add cart-attribute input field.

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Shopify doesn't allow to change the checkout input fields except on Shopify plus plan.

Changing the translation of any already existing input fields in checkout won't help because apps like Fakturoid don't have access to the translation but only to the field name, which stays the same even after changing translation.

Let customers insert VAT number directly in the cart

Using cart attributes in the cart as in the code below will ensure direct rewriting to the order detail and Fakturoid will be able to read the information from there.

You can copy or adjust the HTML code below to use in your theme.

If you'll need some external developer, you can contact

<p class="cart-attribute__field">
<label for="ico">IČO</label>
<input id="ico" type="text" name="attributes[ico]" value="{{ cart.attributes["ico"] }}">

<p class="cart-attribute__field">
<label for="dic">DIČ</label>
<input id="dic" type="text" name="attributes[dic]" value="{{ cart.attributes["dic"] }}">

<p class="cart-attribute__field">
<label for="firma">Firma</label>
<input id="firma" type="text" name="attributes[firma]" value="{{ cart.attributes["firma"] }}">

Billing information in the order detail will look like this:

Invoice like this will be created:

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