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What to do when your customer forgot to choose a Zasilkovna pick-up point (výdejní místo)?
What to do when your customer forgot to choose a Zasilkovna pick-up point (výdejní místo)?

When your customer forgets to choose their pick-up point you have several options to deal with it.

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Check if the map with pick-up points is being triggered after the checkout

First, check if the customer just forgot, or the widget is not being triggered and they couldn't do it.

You can check if the widget is being triggered by:

  • Checking if customers after this one were able to choose their pick-up point while ordering

  • Creating identical order

  • Going to the order detail in Shopify and clicking on "More Actions" -> "View Order Status Page" in the left corner

Fill in the pick-up point by yourself

If you've been in contact with the customer already, or they for example wrote the pick-up point name into the note section, or you just want to pick the destination pick-up point for him, just go to the order status page of that order through Shopify admin.

  1. Go to the order detail in the Shopify admin

  2. Click on "More Actions"

  3. Click on "View order status page"

  4. At this point, the map with pick-up points should be triggered and you can select one for the customer

Send a custom message to your customer

You can also write the customer a custom e-mail or give them a call followed by SMS which might be a good time to build a relationship with them.

Just include the Order status page link to SMS or e-mail and once they click on it, they can choose their pick-up point. It is the same link that is in the order confirmation e-mail, or you can obtain it by following the steps from the previous paragraph and copying the URL of the order status page.

If the customer uses a completely different device to open the link, they might have to fill in the order number and their email address before proceeding to their order details.

Turn on the e-mail reminder in Zásilkovna (Packeta) app

This is more of prevention for the next forgetful customer.

The email reminder is sent 15 to 75 minutes after the customer completes the order.

  1. Go to Zásilkovna (Packeta) app and click on "Settings".

  2. Scroll down to "Pick-up point e-mail reminder settings"

  3. Insert your own text to the email reminder or leave the default one

  4. Send the e-mail preview to yourself

  5. Check the box with "Send automatic email reminder"

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