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Gift Box Release Notes
Gift Box Release Notes
Monthly summary what has changed in the app.
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2023 Mar

  • No more limit on the length of the subtitle text

  • Fixed default variant selection bug

  • Faster loading

  • Displaying warning message, when gifted product deleted

2023 Jan

  • Possibility to completely hide the Gift Box icon in the store

2022 Dec

  • Fixed problem with removing gifts after order creation

  • Replaced the exclamation mark on the Gift Box icon with a plus when the product needs to be chosen by the customer

  • Added option to pause app subscription when you don't run a promo

  • Orders with gifts are tagged "giftbox"

2022 Nov

  • Improved support for drawer carts

  • Fixed showing of free shipping banner

  • Disabled sending emails to customers when gift removed from order during validation

  • Fixed analytics

  • Now it's possible to edit the "FREE GIFT | " prefix in the gift name

  • Free shipping banner can now be closed

  • Polished style a little bit to make Gift Box nicer before the season

  • Improved validation of the gift eligibility in the cart

2022 Oct

  • Now it's possible to switch to a different mode of adding gifts that allows customers to use discounts at checkout, refuse gifts, and more.

  • Added annual subscription plan (4 months for free compared to monthly payments)

  • Updated navigation

  • Fixed wrong removing gifts after order creation

2022 Aug

  • The new way how to add gifts to a cart without the need to use Draft orders

  • Gifts are visible in the cart

  • Customers can now reject gifts by removing them from the cart

2022 Jun

  • Fixed problem with selecting variants as gifts

  • Support for multi-languages checkouts

2022 May

  • Added option to vote for new features and submit ideas

  • Ability to change price plan when Shopify plan changed

  • Changed the footer a little bit

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