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Nada Release Notes
Nada Release Notes

Monthly summary what has changed in the app.

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2023 Apr

  • Added sorting based on inventory: Highest inventory and Lowest inventory

  • Optimized sorting: much faster sorting process

2023 Feb

  • A redesigned page for hiding products. Now you can quickly check, which products are hidden.

2023 Jan

  • Improved the reliability of hiding sold-out products

2022 Dec

  • Added option to start sorting all collections with one click

2022 Nov

  • Slightly changed navigation

  • Small fixes in email reminders

2022 Oct

  • Faster sorting and hiding

  • Regular checks for product availability to provide reliable hiding of sold-out products

  • Added yearly billing option

  • New feature: Sending email alerts when a product/variant is low on stock or sold-out

2022 Sep

  • The name of the collection is now clickable, and you can easily check the collection on your store

2022 June

  • Fixed problem with sorting back in stock items in manually sorted collections

2022 May

  • Added option to vote for new features and submit ideas

  • Fixed manual sorting algorithm

  • Changed the footer a little bit

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