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Loyal Release Notes
Loyal Release Notes

Monthly summary what has changed in the app.

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2022 Dec

  • Added a new metric "Average time between orders" which counts the frequency between purchases for each customer

2022 Sep

  • New Analytics page with more details about past analyses. Updated weekly.

2022 Aug

  • Add option to filter newly added customers to a specific segment on the detail page

2022 Jul

  • Automatic data refresh every week

  • Automatic tagging of customers

  • Weekly email summary with changes in segments

2022 Jun

  • Added segment detail with a list of customers

  • Displayed changes from the last analysis

  • Added quick filters to Customers in Shopify

  • Showing tagging progress

2022 May

  • Added option to vote for new features and submit ideas

  • Analyzing also POS customers when identifiable

  • Supporting large stores with more than 100k customers

  • Changed the footer a little bit

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