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Fakturoid connector Release notes
Fakturoid connector Release notes

Monthly summary of changes in the app.

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2023 February

  • Access to orders older than 60 days

2023 January

  • Option to choose the invoice creation method for each payment method separately

2022 December

  • Option to use the order number as a variable symbol

  • New B2B features for Shopify Plus plans

2022 October

  • Shopify Payments added to card payments in Fakturoid

  • Shopify Markets: support for multi-currency invoices

2022 September

  • Tags on invoices ON/OFF switch in backend admin (For now this setting is not visible for all users. Please contact us if you would like to switch tags on invoices off)

2022 July

  • You can select a bank account that you want to have on the invoices for a specific e-shop

  • Annual pricing plan

2022 June

  • Translation of the Fakturoid app to Czech and English

2022 May

  • Invoice creation delay enabled

  • Numeric series selection

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