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Candy Rack Release Notes
Candy Rack Release Notes

What we've done...

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2024 May

  • Improved and optimized creation of upsell offers

  • Help & Insights page

2024 April

  • Easy ordering products in upsell offer

2024 March

  • The customized link from the preview now leads to editing the specific placement

  • App embed method of Candy Rack insertion now works on all themes

  • Fixed problems with discounts in Smart upsells on the Post purchase page

  • New page headers and actions (simplified navigation)

2024 February

  • Easier creation of first upsell

  • Fixed offering of products already in the cart

  • Improved Smart upsell recommendation in checkout

  • Using preferred upsells from Shopify Search & Discovery app

  • Fixed problem with discount codes with "%" in name

  • Upselling multiple products in one offer also possible on Thank you page and Post-purchase page

2023 December

  • Now you can upsell up to 10 products in one offer

2023 October

  • Added a few more languages to the admin interface (Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese)

  • Discounts made in Candy Rack are now compatible with other discounts

2023 September

  • Candy Rack has been awarded with Built for Shopify badge

  • Improved preview for the post-purchase page upsell

2023 August

  • Removing the ability to adjust directly the theme so Candy Rack now won't keep a single line of code in your theme after uninstall

  • Just summer bug fixing ;-)

2023 July

  • Candy Rack now fully supports translations of product names and variants!

  • If you are using your Shopify store in multiple languages, all upsells will be shown to your customers in their respective languages.

  • Read more on our blog

2023 June

  • We added a new placement type for upsell and cross-sell offers. Now, you can create offers triggered by the checkout button.

  • When a customer clicks on the checkout button in the cart or after they add a product, they’ll see your upsell pop-up. For this stage of the funnel, you can suggest some small complementary items or offer customers a money-saving bundle. As they’ve already made a purchasing decision, you can interest them in something they won’t be thinking too long to accept.

  • This placement supports automated discounts and discount coupons applied at checkout. It can also be used with other discount apps, although you won’t be able to stack multiple discounts for the orders with these upsells.

2023 May

  • We successfully passed the Shopify data protection review. You can be sure that all data used in the app is well encrypted, protected, and backed up, with minimum retention periods.

  • Additionally, we have implemented the requirements of the Built for Shopify initiative, which ensures that our app is built to Shopify's highest standards for quality, design, and performance.

2023 April

  • We have stabilized our codebase and completed all the remaining tasks that were left unfinished from the previous month on the GRID layout.

    • Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses instead of constantly running ahead.

2023 March

  • Introducing an exciting update - a revamped layout for the Candy Rack pop-up! You can now choose from two distinct designs for your pop-up placements:

    1. New "Grid Layout" - Perfect for emphasizing eye-catching products where visuals are key.

    2. Current "Tree Layout" - Ideal for highlighting the connection between a parent product and its related offers, such as accessories for mobile phones.

2023 February

  • Candy Rack is now optimized for enhanced speed on mobile devices. For users accessing Candy Rack through the Shopify Mobile app, you'll enjoy a faster-loading experience. On mobile, we have transitioned to native UI components (e.q. modal dialogs from your mobile OS), replacing the previous web-based Polaris components.

2023 January

  • Introducing a free plan for merchants that just started their business on Shopify! All stores with less than 20 orders in the past 30 days can use Candy Rack for free!

2022 December

  • We survived BFCM without any harm and released another improvement - you can easily check the targeting of your offers from the dashboard.

2022 November

  • Candy Rack discounts can be combined with other discounts! Shopify has recently introduced discount code stacking, so we made our app compatible. From now on, all discount codes are created as stackable (including already created ones)

  • We introduced a new dashboard with bulk actions! Now you are able to work with offers more seamlessly - duplicate offers, delete them, change their status...All at once.

2022 October

  • We sped up Candy Rack, so it doesn't impact the loading times of your store. We earned a "Speed tested" badge on the Shopify AppStore listing.

2022 September

  • We just released a new feature that will help you increase the revenue during BFCM—native post-purchase upsells. This post-purchase offer appears after the order is confirmed but before the thank-you page. Customers can accept it with a single click!

2022 August

  • Highly requested by you, our merchants, a post-purchase upsell trigger is now available! You can easily create one-click upsell/cross-sell offers and display them on the thank-you (order confirmation) page after your customer finishes the purchase

  • Now you can save 30% on your subscription! Just switch to annual plan

2022 July

  • Added new offer type - "Same product upsell" - invite customers to buy the same product they’ve purchased already but for a better price!

  • Added information about placements to the Analytics section - get more insights into how various upsell placements are performing

  • Now you can choose from multiple thumbnail sizes of your upsell products in the pop-up! It's perfect for apparel, jewelry, or other niches where 🖼 matters.

  • Submit a new feature request or vote on an already existing one with a dedicated button "Suggest a feature" in the merchant admin

2022 June

  • Now you are able to set up multiple Smart Upsells instead of just one - now nothing limits you from setting the right upsell strategy for your store!

  • We have improved the customization of the pop-up, so you can:

    • Choose the button colors independently

    • Add an extra subtitle to make your offer more attractive

    • Add an extra "No thank you" button

    • Preview the changes in real-time

2022 May

  • It's hard to imagine why somebody would remove the product, but if they do, we've got you covered. Now, if you enable the feature “Remove the upsell product when the parent product is removed” in upsell settings, it will work reliably no matter what.

  • Our 🪄 Smart Upsell feature now doesn’t offer products that are already in the cart. If a customer adds a particular product, they don’t need to see it again, right?

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