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Can I use Zasilkovna to send draft orders?
Can I use Zasilkovna to send draft orders?

Yes you can but don't forget to fill in all of the needed information.

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If you want to create a draft order for your customer and send it via Zasilkovna, it's not a problem at all.

However, you have to type in all the necessary stuff while creating a draft order:

  1. Choose a customer from the list or create a new one

  2. If they weren't pre-filled, fill in: (even when you want to use pick-up point)
    - Name
    - E-mail
    - Address
    - Zipcode
    - Tel. number

  3. Choose a shipping method. This video tutorial might help.

Choose the pick-up point

After you clicked on "Create order", click on "More actions" and "View order status page".

There you can just choose the pick-up point.

Now the order is ready to be imported to Zasilkovna.

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