With the Advanced Plan of the app, you can download and print Zásilkovna labels directly in your Shopify Admin (in the Standard Plan this feature is not available for now).

To be able to print a label for a specific order (consignment), you will first need to import its data to the Packeta system by clicking on Export to Zásilkovna after selecting the relevant order(s), and then pressing the Import to Zásilkovna button. Once the import is finished, a Print Labels button will appear automatically.

Alternatively, after the order has been imported to Zásilkovna, you can then print its label using the Print Zasilkovna Labels option inside the Orders section.

Please keep in mind that if the Print Zasilkovna Labels option is clicked from inside the Orders section (before exporting the orders’ data to Zásilkovna), this will result in the following error. To fix the problem, the data needs to be exported first as described above.

Note: If you are using the Standard Plan of the app, you can print your labels from inside the Packeta system at https://client.packeta.com/

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