Through Zásilkovna you can offer either delivery to one of the available pickup points (where your customer can go to collect their order), or home delivery to a specific address provided by the customer.

As for delivery to pickup points, the setup consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a shipping method for this purpose. This is done in the Shopify Admin >> Settings >> Shipping and delivery. You can name the shipping method according to your preference, however, to be recognizable by the app, it must contain the word "Zásilkovna", "Zásielkovňa" or "Packeta" (for example "Zásilkovna - Pickup Points").

  2. Verify that the newly created shipping method has been transmitted to the app's settings. For delivery to Zásilkovna pickup points, you do not need to select any of the specific services from the drop-down list, but leave the field at the default value instead.

  3. Insert the name of the newly created shipping method into the app's script in Shopify Admin >> Settings >> Checkout and accounts >> Order status page. By doing so, a map with pickup points will appear after completing the order using this shipping method.

    Please note that the text in the script does not need to be the whole name of the shipping method, it is enough if it contains a text string from the shipping method. However, it does need to have the word "Zásilkovna", "Zásielkovňa" or "Packeta" in it. Therefore, for the example above, the map with pickup points would also show if the text in the script is just "Zásilkovna" (because this text is included in the name of the shipping method "Zásilkovna - Pickup Points").

    This is useful especially in cases where the map with pickup points needs to be shown for multiple shipping methods. Nevertheless, it can also cause the map to show even for a shipping method created for home delivery, if the name in the script is not set up properly (which is not desirable).

Home delivery is set up similarly to pickup point, with only a few differences:

  1. Create a shipping method for home delivery. Same as for pickup points, the shipping method must contain the word "Zásilkovna", "Zásielkovňa" or "Packeta" (for example "Zásilkovna - Home Delivery").

  2. Pair the newly created shipping method with a specific service in the app's settings. The service can be selected from the drop-down list and depends on the purpose of the shipping method. For example, for home delivery in Czechia, select the option "CZ Zásilkovna domů HD", for home delivery in Slovakia "SK Packeta Home HD", in Hungary "HU Doručení na adresu HD", etc.

    Do not forget to save the changes after making the selection.

    The setup for home delivery is then complete. No steps need to be done in the app's script in this case.

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