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How to connect Loyal with Klaviyo
How to connect Loyal with Klaviyo

Easy guide how to setup Loyal and Klaviyo to automate emailing on customer segments.

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If you use Klaviyo, you can easily send specific emails to customer segments created in Loyal. Here is what you need to do:

In Loyal

  1. Go to Loyal -> Settings to enable automatic analysis and automatic customer tagging

  2. Make sure the Klaviyo app is installed and connected to your store

In Klaviyo

  1. Go to Klaviyo -> Audience -> Lists & Segments and Create New Segment

  2. When creating a new segment, use Definition - > Properties about someone.

  3. Then select Shopify Tags -> contains -> loyal app: {name of segment}

  4. Keep type as a List and Create a new segment

  5. Go To Flows and Create New Flow -> Create from Scratch

  6. As a Trigger, select the just-created Segment

  7. Choose Email as an Action

  8. Set the email content and enable Flow

How it works

Loyal runs regular automatic analysis every Sunday. When customers move between segments, Loyal updates the Shopify tags "loyal app:....". So these tags are always up to date. This change of tag can trigger your defined Flow in Klaviyo. We recommend running specific flows, especially for customers that entered segments "Loyal At Risk" and "About To Sleep" to motivate them to another purchase.

Video tutorial

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