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Get emails when your products are running low on stock!

You can choose from 2 different alerts (using just one or both):

1. Low stock email - get an email when the product/variant is below the specific inventory amount

2. Out of stock email - get an email when a product/variant is out of stock

You can also choose how often the email will be sent:

  • Immediately when out of stock / under the threshold - up to 5 minutes when product gets below threshold or sold-out

  • Once per day - you can specify the hour

  • Once per week - you can select the day; the email is sent at midnight

Emails can be sent to up to 5 addresses, separated by a comma:

Important note: For each product, only one notification is sent for the low-stock products and one notification for out of stock. So if you turn on immediate alerts and get the alert for product A, and later you change the alert frequency to daily, product A won't be included in the daily email.

You can also select if you want to be notified per variant or per product:

  • Variant - alerts are sent for each variant independently.

  • Product - alerts are sent when all the variants are sold out or when the sum of the inventory of all variants is below the threshold.

By default, inventory in all locations is monitored, but you can select locations of your choice and follow their inventory. Each location is always alerted independently:

Email alert contains:

  • name of the product, including a direct link to your Shopify Admin

  • variant

  • inventory

  • location

See more explanation in the video below:

Have any questions? Contact us via email at support@digismoothie.com or use the in-app chat to get live support.

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