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How to get your orders to Packeta
How to get your orders to Packeta

Quick guide on how to use the Zasilkovna (Packeta) app

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Once you've gone through the initial app setup, you can start exporting your orders from Shopify to Packeta. In this article, you can read where and how to export your orders.

You can export your orders to Packeta in 2 places:

  1. In the overview of all orders
    In the order overview, select the orders you want to export to Packeta and click on the 3 dots in the bottom floating menu and then select "Export to Zasilkovna (Packeta)" or "Export to Zasilkovna (Packeta) CSV".

  2. In the order details
    In the order detail, click on "More actions" or "More actions" and then click on "Export to Zasilkovna (Packeta)" or "Export to Zasilkovna (Packeta) CSV".

You can then export orders in two ways:

If you choose direct export, you will have the tracking number in the order details and in emails to customers. Furthermore, the app can track if the shipment has been received and if so, it will change its status in Shopify to paid (this is especially useful for cash on delivery).

  1. Direct export (Export to Parcel)
    If you select this option, our app gets you instant feedback on the selected orders and those that are fine can then be exported to Packeta.

    On the next page, you can see the successfully exported orders with the assigned tracking numbers. The tracking number can also be found in the order detail, where it also works as a link to the order status directly in Packeta.

    If you want to put orders into parcels right away, you can click on the "Print labels" button. This will take you to the next page where you can select the format of the labels you want to print and the position from which you want to start on the paper. Then just click on the "Print Labels" button again and it will download a PDF of the labels that you can print and stick to your packages right away.

  2. Export to CSV (Export to Mailroom (CSV))

    With this option, our application will generate a CSV file in which all order data will be sorted into a "table". This can then be manually imported into the Packeta client in the "Parcels import" -> "Import parcels file" section.

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