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How to hide the Gift Box pop-up from your website
How to hide the Gift Box pop-up from your website

Hide the entire Gift Box pop-up on your website

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To hide the entire pop-up, you can simply uncheck this option on your app settings in the “Bubble Icon Behavior” section.

This feature allows you to hide Gift Box anywhere on your website except for gifts that are currently set to as Free Product Choice. If your store offers gift choices from the app and at the same time you choose the app to be hidden, the pop-up for the gift options will be shown on your cart page. That way, customers can still choose the gift that they are qualified for before proceeding to checkout.

(Note: For Free Product Choice gifts, customers can only select their gifts on the cart page and not on a website’s cart drawer or mini-cart section at this time)

It is not currently recommended to use the hiding feature for stores that are not using the cart page to add products and at the same time have Free Product Choice type of offer active.

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