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How to manually send email reminders on Payster
How to manually send email reminders on Payster
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To manually send an email, you must ensure that the reminders are enabled first. You can enable this by directly opening the app settings or from the dashboard by clicking the drop-down menu shown under the reminders column, then “Edit” if the status shows “Disabled”

Once enabled, return to the “Unpaid orders & Abandoned checkouts” section and from there, you can now see a new drop-down option on your reminders to send the email.

If you enabled multiple reminders, only the latest reminder would allow you to send the email

You can also send out the reminders in bulk by selecting multiple or all of the orders, then click “Send missed reminders.”

Please note that you can only send reminders manually if the scheduled period, which was set from the settings, has already passed its timeframe. If you enable reminders and the unpaid orders are still within the scheduled timeframe, you might see this message instead:

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