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Can I send gifts only to specific customers?
Can I send gifts only to specific customers?

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Sometimes, there are special campaigns that should target only specific customers. How can you add gifts to orders for such customers exclusively, while preventing others from learning about these offers?

Access gift via specific link

With this feature, you can create a gift offer that is accessible only through a link to your website containing a unique parameter in its URL address. Customers who do not have this link or do not access your store with it will not see this offer.

Setting it up is as easy as pie. Create and customize your new gift offer, then open the Additional Conditions section. Select Access gift via specific link and enter your parameter in the Link customization field:

Once you have everything set up, save the offer, copy the Link for your customer, and send it to the desired customers.

Target customers from specific countries

Begin by creating and customizing your new gift offer, then navigate to the Additional Conditions section. Here, you'll find the option to target specific countries. Select the "Targeting Specific Countries" feature and add as many countries as you wish to target.

Simply choose the countries where you want to offer free gifts, selecting as many as needed. Only customers located in the specified countries will see the gift offer displayed in your store.

For more information about this feature, read How to target customers from specific countries with free gifts.

More customizable conditions coming soon!

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Happy gifting!

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