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How to add a link to the invoice into an e-mail or order status page
How to add a link to the invoice into an e-mail or order status page
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In our Fakturoid app, which allows integration with the same-named accounting software, we have added a long-requested feature - now you can insert a link to the generated invoice directly into the email template, which is automatically sent from your store (for example, upon receiving a new order, or upon its payment). Similarly, you can insert the same code onto the order status page and style it as you wish.

Here's how your email could look:

You can customize both the text and appearance as you like. Likewise, you can use the same code for insertion onto the order status page.

TIP: Do you want to set up this feature reliably, without any worries, and including visual adjustments so that everything fits into the design of your store? Take advantage of our agency services and let us handle the integration for you!

How to insert a link to the invoice into the confirmation email?

To use this feature, simply copy the code provided below:

<!-- Invoice Fakturoid Code START --> 
{% assign ver_string = | append: shop.permanent_domain %}{% assign hmac_verification = ver_string | hmac_sha256: shop.metafields.ds_fakturoid.display_invoice %}<a href="{{}}&shop={{shop.permanent_domain}}&hmac_verification={{hmac_verification}}" class="Polaris-Button Polaris-Button--pressable Polaris-Button--variantPlain Polaris-Button--sizeMedium Polaris-Button--textAlignCenter">View Invoice</a>
<!-- Invoice Fakturoid Code END -->

And then go to the "Settings" of your store, and further to the "Notifications" section. Choose the option "Customer notifications":

Select the order confirmation email (of course, you can choose any other as needed):

Insert the code provided above into the body of the email where you need it. Please note, email formatting is a tricky thing and it's essential to know what you're doing - if you're unsure, we're happy to help!

There might be cases where, after successful implementation, clicking the link results in a 401 error: Unauthorized.

This is due to email caching on Shopify's side. Please try again in 3 hours; it should work then.

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