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How redirects work and how to disable them
How redirects work and how to disable them
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When customers attempt to access product pages of sold-out products that were hidden, they may end up with the infamous error 404. These errors can negatively impact your SEO, but we've got you covered - you can easily avoid them with redirects.

You can enable redirects in Nada Settings and choose from two different options:

  • Redirect to Homepage

  • Redirect to Custom page (in the store)

How to disable redirects

There are 2 ways to disable redirects:

  1. While the app is installed, you can simply disable redirects by choosing the "Do not redirect" option in the Nada Settings

  2. If you have already uninstalled the app and didn't disable redirects before uninstalling, you can delete redirects in your Shopify URL redirects at<NAME_OF_YOUR_STORE>/redirects

    1. First, select the redirect items you don't wish to redirect

    2. Then, hit the Delete selected redirects button

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or through email at

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