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How to add custom quantities of free gifts
How to add custom quantities of free gifts
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Gift Box offers diverse options for managing gift quantities. These features provide enhanced control and customization over your promotional strategies. Here's a breakdown of the available options:

1. The gift is always a single product:

  • By default, Gift Box assigns each gift as a single product. This means that irrespective of the quantity of items in the customer's order, only one unit of the gift product will be included.

2. Gift quantity matches the purchased product quantity:

  • This feature ensures that the quantity of the gift corresponds to the quantity of the purchased product. It's applicable in scenarios such as "Buy Product X" or "Buy Product from Collection X". For instance, if a customer purchases multiple units of a specific product, the same number of units of the gift product will be automatically added to their order.

3. Custom quantity:

  • Merchants have the flexibility to define the quantity of products given with each offer. This allows for tailored promotions such as "Spend $100 and get 3 items of product B", offering a more personalized approach to incentivizing purchases.

Important Note:

While these features provide extensive flexibility, it's crucial to note that gift stacking, where multiple gifts are accumulated based on spending thresholds, is not currently supported. For example, if the condition is to spend $100 to receive a gift, even if the customer spends $200, they will still receive only one gift.

We're continuously exploring ways to enhance the functionality of the Gift Box app. While stacking gifts may not be available presently, it's a consideration for future updates.

Should you have any inquiries or encounter any challenges with these features, please don't hesitate to contact our support team through in-app chat or via email at We're dedicated to ensuring that your gift promotions are executed seamlessly and effectively.

Thank you for choosing Gift Box, happy gifting!

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