It is important to keep track of what has been happening, what needs to be considered and what should be actioned for a lead. This is when you would utilise creating Notes, Activities or Tasks on a lead.

Notes in Funnel are used to share information related to a specific Lead, internally amongst your team. Notes can only be seen by administrators and cannot be seen by Leads or their guardians.

To add a new note to an existing Lead, search for the Lead and click on the name to access the Lead detail page. Click on the 'New Note' button at the top of the timeline.

You can also 'mention' other team members in a Note, in which case they will receive an automated email letting them know that they have been mentioned. Mentions can be triggered by typing '@' followed by the user's name.


Once you've composed your Note, click 'Save note' and it will appear on the Lead's timeline immediately.

Existing Notes can be edited or deleted by clicking the three dots on the top right hand side of the note. They can also be pinned to the top of a the timeline so all other timeline activity will appear after this pinned note.


Activities are logged to represent and provide further details of an interaction the family has had with the school. You can select the type of activity, when it occurred and which family member the interaction occurred with before adding any important notes including links and attachments.


Tasks can be created on a lead page when an action should be carried out in relation to that lead. You can assign yourself a task or assign the task to another team member. This will help you keep track of to do's and remind others of items they need to action. All logged tasks are stored on the lead timeline and can be ticked off once actioned.

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