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Tutorial 2: 3dsMax plugin - 15 minutes
Tutorial 2: 3dsMax plugin - 15 minutes
Learn how to use our 3dsMax plugin and create a Digital Space in 15 minutes.
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Creating your second Digital Space in fifteen minutes.

Digital Spaces are created by rendering 360 panoramic images (any render engine inside of 3dsMax) and using our Digital Spaces Exporter Script to automatically generate your experience in a .zip file. Both the 360 images and .zip file are uploaded to where your experience will be stored in your account to view and share.

  1. Download and install the script ( 3ds Max )

    Download Script

    Installation Instructions

  2. Download the tutorial package and unzip the file.
    Download Here

  3. Open a new Max file and merge the DS_Demo.max file into it.

  4. Save the file as anything you like.
    We saved ours as "my_ds_model.max"

  5. Open the 'Digital Spaces Exporter', set your end Time Output Range to '6', and export the model.

  6. Follow the steps in our 5-minute tutorial to Upload Panos and Model

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