Panorama enables you to organise your work in Jira into a hierarchy of multi-level plans, to easily track the progress of your projects. You can create directories to keep your work in order and easily populate them with Jira issues and sub-tasks.

Panorama for Jira enables you to:

  • Create multi-level structures with from multiple projects to organise Jira issues.
  • Build a hierarchy of Jira issues with sub-issues to sub-tasks or with a hierarchy of Jira epics.
  • Add existing issues to Panorama with either a Jira Query Language (JQL) search or by creating issues inline.
  • Aggregate Jira issues by multiple fields, such as assignee, sprint, status
  • Restrict access to your plans to particular people.
  • Sum-up information about Jira issues in the same hierarchy.
  • Better organize Jira issues.
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