Did you ever wonder how to create Jira sub-issue within Jira sub-tasks? Or create a Jira epic within another epic? Would you like to change how you organise your Jira project in a way that isn’t currently supported by Jira out of the box? This is where Panorama for Jira can help you. 

Add existing Jira issues to Panorama

You can drag and drop existing issues within Panorama:

  1. Create or open your Panorama.  
  2. Choose issues you want to add
  3. Drag and Drop them to your Panorama. You can nest them however suits you.
  4. (Optional) Create directories which can contain any number of issues and other sub-directories

Please take a few seconds to watch the video presenting how to create Panorama and add issues there.


How to create directories within directories? 

There are two ways to add one directory to another directory:

  • Click create new directory button and once the new directory is created and appears at the bottom of the Panorama, please drag and drop it under the desired directory.
  • Click on the directory for which you plan to create a sub-directory. With the directory selected, click create new directory button. The new directory will appear under the selected directory.

How to delete issues / directories from panorama?

Please click on an issue or a directory which you plan to delete. Once selected, please click trash button to delete the selected issue or directory. All issues or directories under the selected one will be deleted. 

To delete many issues or directories, click on them while holding the 'ctrl' key on your keyboard (Command (⌘) for Macs). With multiple issues and directories selected, click the trash button to delete them all at once.

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