Limit access to specific panorama to selected users

You can easily set up which users have access to your Panorama. Click the "lock" button next to each name within Panorama. This will open the dialogue with the access restrictions section. Choose which users you’d like to have access to Panorama and click save.

Please see the screenshot below. 

Is it possible to change who can edit access and view only access for different users in Panorama? 

Not at the moment. But please let us know if this is an important feature for you. 

Limit access to panorama addon

If panorama addon shouldn't be visible and accessible to all Jira users, the access can be limited to a subset of users with a global permission "View and Modify panoramas".
To limit the access to a subset of users:

  1. On a left sidebar, select Jira settings then select System
  2. In the subsection called Security find and select Global permissions
  3. Find View and Modify panoramas permission and Delete permissions for users that shouldn't have access to panoramas.
  4. To give access to other group, scroll to the bottom of global permissions page and in the section Add permission select View and modify panoramas as a permission and a proper group that should have access to panoramas and click Add button. 

Disable panorama addon for a particular project

Panorama addon can be disabled for a particular project which will hide Panorama panel on issues in this project and hide links to Panorama addon on the sidebar. It will be still possible to add issues from those projects to panoramas, but the panel on the issues will remain hidden (useful for customer facing projects, or to not complicate issue and sidebar interface on projects that will not use Panorama).
To disable panorama for a project:

  1. Open Project Settings page of the Project for which you want to disable panorama
  2. Navigate to the Panorama settings sub-page
  3. Click the slider next to the "PANORAMA IS ENABLED", once it changes to "PANORAMA IS DISABLED" you have disabled panorama for this project

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