You can add issues to Panorama in various different ways. In this article we will learn how to add another hierarchy level to Panorama via issue linking. 

Jira introduces 3 hierarchy levels

  • Epic
  • Story
  • Subtask

Often, projects require more levels. Many companies use Initiatives as a container for Epics. We will use this as an example. Here are the steps:

Add a new issue type. To do so navigate to Issue Types configuration page.

Add a new link type that will connect these issues together.


Go to the Panorama settings page.

You can now create or drag an Initiative into your Panorama. Make sure that the issues is marked as synced. This is marked by the green refresh icon on the right.

Panorama will display the correct available issue types that can be the children of the issue type.

As before, you can still create stories, tasks and bugs under Epics.

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