Fees and limits for crypto transfers
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Crypto Deposits

Limits | 24h:

Currently, there is no minimum amount for cryptocurrency deposits, which means that you can transfer whatever crypto quantity to your Digitra.com crypto address.

Confirmations by network:

โ€‹Bitcoin network: 3 confirmations.

Ethereum (ERC20): 12 confirmations.

ADA: 15 confirmations.
DOT: 25 confirmations.

Ripple: instantly.

SPC: instantly.

For USDC transfers, we have the following setup:

Ethereum (ERC20): 12 confirmations.

Stellar: instantly.

Crypto Withdrawals

Network Fees:

Network fees must be paid to ensure that the transaction is completed in accordance with the rules of each network.

Services Fees:

20% on the network fee amount at the time of withdrawal request.

Limits | 24h:

Regardless of the cryptocurrency, each withdrawal must have a minimum of 10 dollars ($10) and a maximum limit amount equivalent to 100 thousand dollars ($100,000) every 24 hours.

Arrival time:

The estimated time for every withdrawal, regardless of the crypto, it's of 5 minutes.

But keep it in mind that we do not have control over the network speed between addresses.

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